Date: 25 Nisan 15:30 - 16:30
Location EEB Ömer Korzay Salonu

Our times witness an unprecedented collaboration between academia and industry. Such a close relationship gives rise to an increased amount of production and reproduction of discourses on innovation, on a daily basis. In this wind of change, this presentation suggests to foster brainstorming around the following fundamental questions: 

● What are the discourses of innovation in academia? 
● How do the best practices circulate? 
● What is the culture of failing? 
● Is innovation political? 
● Who are the designers and users of innovation? 
● What is responsible innovation? 

In the light of these questions one of the goals will be to initiate fruitful and more informed discussions on the discourse of innovation. 

About the speaker: Cansu Guner-Birdal Business Development Specialist | Talent Miner 

Cansu Guner-Birdal received her B.A degree with a double major in International Relations and Public Relations from Istanbul Bilgi University. She furthered her postgraduate career with a Master’s Degree in International Relations at Koc University, Istanbul. During her studies, Cansu started contributing to a start-up company in Istanbul specialized on computer vision research and applications. She was also eager to bring in interdisciplinary subjects to her field and fused her experience into a thesis covering computational social science in modeling leadership behaviours. In following years, she started pursuing her Ph.D. at the Technical University in Munich, within the field of Science and Technology Studies. Her active research topics include start-up cultures, organizational sociology and innovation. In 2018, Cansu joined sHR team as a business development specialist and tech recruiter. Currently, she lives in Munich, connecting high-quality tech firms with talented skills.

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